Universal Strainghtening Presses

Hydraulic Universal Strainghtening Presses

  • HSP -200 (200 tonnes capacity)
Karisohn Horizontal Hydraulic Presses are Unique being Top Open Models where Parts can be Directly Suspended by Crane and Straightened, Where in the Size and Length of Parts are not a Concern Any More.
salient features:
  • Precise Control Using Servo Hydraluics for Accurate Straightening.
  • Very Simple Hight Speed Operation Demanding Low Operator Skill.
  • Universal Machine Which Works in Vertical & Horizontal Positions.
  • Easy Loading of Large Parts as Top is Open Normally
  • Straightening of Railway Chassis
  • Automobile Chassis
  • Large Shafts, Fabrication Parts
  • Pressure Parts & General Engineering Components
  • Completely Automated Systems on Request