Hand-Held bevelling machine

Patented Clamping Technology (Patented Awaited)

Pipe Bevelling- Water Wall Panels, Burner Coils, Header Branches

  • Revel 3E
  • Revel 3P
A Game Changer for the Industry, Engineered to Solve Most issues in Earlier Generation Machines Currently Used Worldwide. Machine has High Spindle Power and Fast Clamping Cycles using Fail Safe Pneumatics Which Ensures High Productivity.


  • Water Wall & Burner Panels
  • Header Branches, Coils & More
  • General Piping

Salient Features

  • Compact, Light Weight & All Position
  • Rugged, Powerful & Highly Productive
  • Fail Safe Pneumatic Clamping
Technical Specifications
Specifications Values
Models REVEL 3P - Fully Pneumatic,REVEL 3E - Electric
Tube Outside Diameter (mm) 20-63.5 (Opt 76.2)
Tube Wall Thickness (mm) Max.15
Minimum width of Membrane (mm) 56 Clear
Clamping/Clamping Force -HSM3P 400Kg@5 Bar
Feed/Spindle Stroke (mm) Manual/25mm
M/C Weights (KG) 13(HSM3P), 9(HSM3E)
Power: HSM3P - Pneumatic 1700 W at 6 bar (1700 L/min)
Power: HSM3P - Electric 700-1800(110/220v-single phase)