CNC Vertical Grinding Machine- Face / External/ Internal/ Profile / Groove

Customized Grinders for Specific Applications are also Manufactured by Us.

CNC Vertical Grinder for Ship Engine Rebuilding - Indian Machinetool Manufacturer

Model: Vertical Grinder - ID, OD, Face, Groove
Karisohn Manufacture 'Vertical Grinding Machines' for Varied Applications Like External Grinding, Internal Grinding, Face Grinding, Radius Grinding and DoubleDisc Grinding in Any Configuration with Multi Spindles, Multi Axis and Multi Paths. Vertical Grinding gives a lot of Adavantages in set up and operation.
Salient Features

Vertical Grinders

  • Vertical Operations Enabling Easy Loading & Setup with High Removal Rates.
  • Absolutely No restriction on Weight, Height or Diameter Since Vertical.
  • Precise Grinding with Choice of Grinding Head Configurations.
  • Opeartor Friendly Grinding and Dressing Cycles with Dual Path Grinding options.

Customized Grinders

  • Makes Possible what's Not in Standard Grinders.
  • Ship Piston & Cylinders
  • Internal & Taper Grinding of valves
  • Gear Blanks
  • Bearings Races & Rings
  • Engine Liners and Cylinders
  • Wind Mill Bearing