CNC Fettling Machines

CNC Fettling Machine Manufactured under MAKE IN INDIA.

CNC Fettling Machines for Your Castings

Karisohn Manufacture High Production CNC Fettling Machines with Servo Spindle having Diamond Cutting Wheels, for Clean and Safe Fettling of your Castings. These Machines are developed jointly with one of India's Largest Foundry Groups promoting Our National Vision of 'MAKE IN INDIA'.
Salient Features
  • Heavy Duty MAchine with Twin Spindle and Three Diamond Fettling Wheels.
  • Automatic Pallet Changer.
  • Seperate Simulation Station with Dummy Wheels for Remote Programming.
  • Pressurized Chamber with Vacum Suction Ensuring Clean Fettling.
  • Laser Chceking of Component Alignment in Position.
  • Automobile Parts, Engine Blocks, Housing, Brake Drums & Hubs.
  • General Engineering Parts & Valve Castings.
  • Swing Type Top Clamps for Break Drum and Hubs.