cnc carding flats end connector duplex hmc with robo

CNC carding flats end connector duplex hmc with robo

This machine was built as part of a challenging project for Lakshmi Machine Works, Coimbatore, the world's largest textile machinery manufacturer for their 1.5m carding machine project.


This is one of the most complicated advanced an unmanned machine built in India and using the latest hybrid spindle from Siemens Ltd where the flats come in pallets gets conveying the position gets transferred and lifted automatic pallet changers, gantry robos pick & feed the components into the machine which has the automated hydraulic fixtures, duplex spindles with individual axis and automatic tool changers. All this conceive to achieve the cycle time of less than 2min/piece to achieve their production requirement.

Salient Features
  • Completely unmanned equipment with robo.
  • Multi spindle, multi axis and multi path machines.
  • Servo based pallet transfer and conveying system.
  • Advanced micro coolant filtration system.
  • Dedicated hydraulic fixtures & advanced tooling.