Plant Automation / Radiography Testing/ Tube Handling/ Conveyour- for Boiler and Piping Industry

8+ Plant Automation Projects Succesfully Completed in BHEL- Trichy & Vizag Alone.

West Coast is India’s Largest Manufacturer for machines related to the Boiler & Piping Industry. And our machines are designed to the Global Best”.
Product Range
  • Plant Automations
  • Automatic Tube Cutting and Edge Preparation
  • Straight Tube Butt Welding
  • Online Radiography
Standard System Modules
  • Tube Storage & Transfer Systems
  • Linear Conveying & Tube Rotating Systems.
  • Pick and Place Robots
  • Automated Pallet Conveying & Transfer Systems.
Operation Specific System Modules For:

Cutting and Edge Prepartion

  • Servo Controlled Programmable Stopper
  • Powerful Saw Cutting Station.
  • Edge Prepartion Stations Individual / Duplex.


  • Linear and Rotary Manipulator
  • Finite Positioning Systems with Remote Controls

Butt Welding

  • Welding Station with Multiple Power Source and Positioning Slides.
  • Linear Butting and Rotation Station with Two power Chucks.